Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Late Night Confessions...

Let me just preface this by making a few general statements, "I am a tad bit mentally unstable", "I am reasonably narcissistic to a certain degree" and "I love the color blue!" ...ohh and also I AM the most random individual you will likely ever meet! *smile*

Confession 1 # - I like to be the center of attention though I am crucially anti-social!

...#2 - I'm allergic to chocolate and peanut butter, but I still eat them both nonetheless!

...#3 - My favorite childhood toy was Shaving Fun Ken! ...and I still believe shaving is fun till this day!

...#4 - I am a habitual procrastinator! For example, I should be a Doctor by now but I am very anti-progressive in regards to registering for school and sticking to a major... currently I am working on finishing my B.A. of Registered Nursing...

...#5 - I truly believe Halle Berry is a completely overrated sex symbol... I just don't see it, I mean she not particularly curvaceous, she's rather plain and gawky if you ask me!

....#6 - I'm obsessed with my hair! I don't like people to touch actually, just admire it from afar thank you!

...#7 - I choose to be overweight... I can loose weight very easily but I think I look better larger, when I was skinny my head was too big and I just didn't like the way I look! I do want to tighten up a little bit though now...

...#8 - I prefer watching kid movies and teen comedies more than anything!

...#9 - I'm still trying to pass for 19! :)

...#10 - I'm scared to drive! Seriously! Believe it or not, I have a car that I have never driven before!


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