Monday, September 28, 2009

"Dancing With the Stars" - Season Premiere

Like a lot of TV viewers, I am a reality TV junkie! One of my main staples has always been Dancing With the Stars, because of its ability to intermingle awkward "celebrity" figures with professional dancers as they battle it out for the coveted mirrored-ball trophy! But it seems like over the last couple of seasons, the celebrities are become less awkward and more experienced... so it begs me to ask the question, is Dancing With the Stars TRULY a reality show or just a clever cover to add in some B-list celebrities, who aren't quite "old news" but still popular enough to bring faithful fans into their viewership. The most outlandish example is R&B singer Mya from this season's contenders. Let's just make a few clarifications... this young lady is known from her music career where she was known as being a more than capable dancer. In fact, she was specifically recruited to give dance tributes to both Michael AND Janet Jackson on different tributes over the years. And its public knowledge that she is a trained tap dancer who studied with the Dance Theater of Harlem. ... does this qualify or disqualify her for this competition? I mean come on, is it fair to put her up against someone like Kelly Osbourne or Macy Gray who are true amateurs with no dancing experience? I personally love Mya and I love her performance thus far on the show, but I just don't see how this can still be considered an amateur competition anymore when there have been so many well-known musicians and professional gymnasts who clearly have the upper hand when it comes to choreography, flexibility and understanding timing and performance. The funny thing though, there may be a breakout star this season from the amateur end, so you never know! Let's stay tuned to find out!


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