Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love is Evil... [original poetry by me.]

...I thought that I would love you... but I didn't even love myself...

...often times as we fall in and out of love, as we breath in and LIVE in this moment, this "love" finally spoke to me...

...filled with emotion, I transposed it, and now my reality is that all of it was sheer vanity from the beginning, it was EVIL, cloudy, unpure...

...I've always been known to be a deep person... but tell me, how far do these craters and fault lines have to bury before the explosion occurs?

...Now I have regained all sensibleness and have come to the realization, if I LIVE for this EVIL, with a love that is unpure, I can only begot love's battle scars, clouded by the smoke and mirrors of happiness... I ready for this? I ready for the first scratch?


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