Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rick Ross hospitalized after suffering second seizure while traveling…


Over the weekend, rapper Rick Ross suffered two seizures on two separate occasions in the same day while traveling.  The first occurrence was en route to a scheduled performance, then after being resuscitated he tweeted to his followers he would still be making his appearance.

Shortly thereafter however, he suffered his second midair seizure.  Mr. Ross, I’m gonna need you to have a seat!  literally as well!  I mean dude, really?  For the love of money people will sacrifice their health and well being?!  Apparently so!  In his most recent rhyme from Monica’s new single “Anything to Find You” he does in fact say, “thou shall not **** with Rozay’s pockets”!  But come on dude, really?  I would shake my head, but I’m sure as I’m writing this another celebrity will be doing something just as ludicrous and unconscionable…



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