Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kelly Rowland versus Beyoncé 2.0 - Justus Reviews “Lay It On Me” & “Love On Top” Videos…

Okay, so I am calling out Round Two of the infamous Kelly Rowland versus Beyoncé battle.  As long as these two ladies make music, they will always be pitted against each other so there is no denying it.  The topic of today’s battle is, who released the better video for their current single?  Was it Kelly’s overtly sexy “Lay it On Me” or Beyoncé's throwback to New Edition inspired  video “Love On Top”?  You be the judge, check out both videos below and then compare my rundown after the jump…

…oh Ms. Kelly, you slay me!
…you better get that footwork Bey!

Okay… so here’s my personal rundown of both videos…


#1 – Kelly I am really upset you have took to selling sex, I mean this was like the Motivation video but with the lights on… *sigh*

#2 – I do like the new confidence you are displaying and  you are not afraid to try something different, i.e. dancing with a live elephant!

#3 – As we discussed before, I say this only because I love you, but I am tired of the hard anime cosplay wigs that looks like something out of a bad anime convention.

#4 – Would have loved to see more dancing, but overall, I think this was one of her better videos, all criticism aside, just based on her confidence level.  SIDE NOTE: It was recently revealed the director reused 2 elements from another video done for another artist  2 years ago, however, I think they suited Kelly’s video and song theme much better.


#1 – I was instantly excited and loved the throwback to the New Edition classic “If It Isn’t Love” which is my favorite song and video from the iconic boy band!

#2 – After the New Edition scenes, I was thrown off, they went for a Temptations throwback look to a Four Tops look with the full tuxedo and top hat scenes.  What I did not make the connection over was what did that have to do with the theme of the song.

#3 – Umm… what happened to the 2nd verse?!?!  I mean it was completely left out and replaced with 3 back to back chorus repeats… okay?!?!?!?  I am really lost.  Now I will say this, this song is not a radio friendly type of song, the lyrics are forgettable, and I always get confused on the second verse, so I actually may understand if that is why they left it out and the best and most memorable parts is the chorus itself.

#4 – I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Bumpgate, but was this HAD TO BE shot months ago, right!?!? And I’m done!   But I just felt like this was just too plain and generic for a Beyoncé video. 

DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! …and the winner of  Kelly Rowland versus Beyoncé 2.0 is… A DRAW!  Neither lady managed to wow me, but I was impressed with certain elements.  So who will top who next?  We have to wait and see!


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