Monday, June 13, 2011

Kelly Rowland is “motivated” to #1, while Beyoncé “runs” away from the top of the charts!


In the days of the bitter Destiny’s Child battle and comparison of who was the greatest of the group, Ms. Knowles stood out as the consummate favorite.  My how times have changed!  While Beyoncé's much anticipated album and single have been widely expected to take over, it seemed like Kelly Rowland’s music would continue to keep getting pushed back as with her last album much to the fans chagrin. 

However, Ms. Rowland is FINALLY getting her just dues and landing and staying at the #1 spot on the Billboard R&B charts with “Motivation”.  As far as her friend and forever musical antagonist Beyoncé, her single for “Run the World (Girls)” has actually fallen lower on the charts to this week at #44 from last weeks #32 position. 

Here’s my take…

#1 people are just sick of Beyoncé, she needs to take a break and quit with these lackluster “forced” re-invented, borrowed and/or stolen songs, because no one is interested.

#2 – I don’t understand why it took Kelly to make a sexually suggestive song for people to pay attention to her and this to become her breakout hit, when her other past singles have been far better and vocally stronger than this particular record. 

As a fan of both, often times leaning towards Ms. Rowland, I hope she finally gets her opportunity to reign, because in my humble opinion she is the better vocalist.  Beyoncé can perform her behind off, and she has better control of her instrumental, but I prefer the tones & unaffected styling of Kelly Rowland, she doesn’t have to do anything, she just is.  Simple. And simple is always best!



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